Meet the Artists

Rush Hour Train blends psychedelic rock, funk and jazz with a focus on improvisation. Armed with tight grooves and intricate song structures, they have a mentality to keep live performances open to experimentation. Every show is an adventurous journey to a new musical landscape. Their influences stretch far and wide spanning from classic rockers like Led Zeppelin, Yes and The Beatles to new wave and old school funk. With psychedelic rock bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead impacting their style, Rush Hour Train is sure to get the dance floor groovin’!

The genesis of Rush Hour Train began in Lincoln, Nebraska back in 2013. Mark and Pierce formed the band Fraternal Durango and developed their sound playing shows and house parties around the city. After over-dosing on corn, Pierce and Mark both moved to the Front Range in Colorado to expand their musical endeavors. They met up with Tony, Andrew and Rick to take the train onto the next station. 

With Pierce Hansen on guitar, Mark Young on drums, and Tony Kukla on bass, the gang started jamming together in 2015. Andrew Varela (Keys, Organ) and Rick Van Patten (Percussion) joined in 2017 to round out the sound. With a self titled album release in 2018, Rush Hour Train has been making waves in the Colorado music scene ever since.


Andrew (Hiatus)

Keyboard / Organ




Guitar / Vocals


Bass / Train Whistle